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1 Video Camrecorder Sony Hi-8mm. CCD-TR810E/Pal.

1 Digital Video Camrecorder DV Canon MV1/Pal (Optura in USA)

1 Digital Video Camrecorder mini DV Sony TRV 900 (3 CCD´s)

1 35 mm still photography camera Pentax -AZ-10

6 Underwater Housings with Outputs for Video/Audio & Recording via 100 m Length Cable.

1 Remote Commander Sony RM 95.

1 Color Monitor with Audio/Video Outputs AR Systems-500TC.

1 LCD color monitor Sony XV-M30E

Lighting equipment for Night Recordings.

We do also have a small power boat with capacity to attach any of the underwater cases with its camera.  The boat has an electrical motor 9 volts and it is propelled by an exterior helix.  The boat is governed from the land with a radio control remote unit.

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