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       W.U.V owns the copyrights of all of their images (video and still).  The clients will only use them in their production and never be able to sell them to third parties without having reach any agreement with us.

        Video Images

        Receptions will be done under Betacam SP format.  The costs of converting the Hi-8 or m-DV to Betacam will be added to the clients bill.  A 50 US$ will be charged for covering our work of searching and editing the required images.

       The name of our company should be written under the credit sections of any production using our footage.

Prices List:

US$  400.00 /minute.(minimum sell 5 minutes)

Discounts will run when buying 15 or more minutes.

Still Photography

    Reception will be done under 35 mm diapositives.  The cost in converting from digital to 35 mm negative will be added to the client bill.

Prices List

US$ 250.00 /1 photography

Discounts will run when buying 4 or more photos.

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